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FIRST: To sign up for your custom programming, choose your payment preference from the links on the right, follow the steps to get started, and complete any required information or forms. Download the myPThub app (SMASH Fitness app) for Apple or Android.

NEXT: Set up your call with Trainer Ash. You will receive a message with options for scheduling your session. 

Custom training programs offer goal-specific workouts that can be tracked on the myPThub app (SMASH Fitness app). After talking with Trainer Ash about your goals, the equipment that you have available, and some information about past exercise and health, Trainer Ash will create your individual workout program. Included with monthly membership:

  • Personalized training program based on goals, assessment, and conversation with Trainer Ash 

  • Access to easy app tracking

  • Nutrition and macronutrient guidance

    • Guidelines for calories, breakdown of macros (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates), and timing advice​

  • Weekly check-ins by email or app to monitor progress, make any necessary adjustments, and stay accountable

  • Monthly program evaluations & modifications via coaching calls with Trainer Ash

  • Trainer access for whenever you have questions, want your exercise form assessed by video, and general support or advice about your program or goals

Price: $45 Monthly Payments



    $120 3-Month Payments 

There is no monthly minimum required for membership. After signing up for training, your account will be charged monthly or every three months depending on your package preference. There are no refunds for online training services. All sales final. For membership cancellation, 30-day notice is required. Contact Trainer Ash for any questions at

SMASH & Burn is an 8-week fat-burning and muscle-defining program. If you're looking for a challenging, effective program without personal coaching, this 8-week plan is right for you!

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Price $25.00

SMASH & Burn Workout Program

SMASH & Burn is broken up into two 4-week cycles; each with six days of workouts per week (plus an optional active rest day). The program includes:

  • Resistance training for each muscle group.

  • Cardio exercises, including HIIT, steady state, and plyometric moves.

  • Plenty of variety to keep you from getting bored.

  • You don't have to wonder about how many reps or sets, the amount of rest time, or how to progress each week. It's all included! 

  • View the program, watch videos, and track your workouts on the myPThub app (SMASH Fitness app).

  • Access the program for 6 months.

This program requires a variety of fitness equipment included dumbbells, barbells, and cable machines.

There is no personal coaching with this program purchase. If you're interested in customized plans or trainer communication, please read information about custom online training.

All sales final. There are no refunds for online training services. Contact Trainer Ash for any questions at

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