Children should be active at least 60 minutes each day! They also need muscle-strengthening and bone-strengthening activities three days each week! 

Guided activity progresses children through motor development and teaches healthy physical habits. It also increases confidence, focus, emotional control and self-efficacy. With group games, kids learn teamwork and sportsmanship. 


Coach Ash guides children through a warm up, fitness activities (that focus on balance, heart-health, hand-eye coordination, strength, motor skill development, flexibility or endurance) and includes fun games in every class.  Classes help children safely navigate through motor skill development. All kids use colorful, safe equipment, while they practice appropriate exercises for their ages, and they learn healthy habits for a lifetime. Classes are available for Toddlers, Pre-K, School-Age & Adapted Fitness!

To set up a class at your location, call Ash at (980) 494-0258

High School

Athletic Conditioning

Effective conditioning is tailored to the specific skills and requirements of the sport.  Coach Ash trains athletes of various sports to enhance strength, agility, explosiveness, endurance, vertical and power. After dealing with repetitive movements using the same muscles all season, specific off-season training is needed to target the mobility and strength of other muscles. Off-season conditioning improves the base-level of fitness and corrects muscle-imbalances or compensations to avoid injury during the season.   Pre-season training prepares the athlete for try-outs and the skills needed to perform successfully in the sport. Contact Ash for more information about one-on-one and small group training.

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